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Professional Consulting for Hotel Display and Advertising
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What We Do

Understand Your Priorities

We are hotel consultants with a unique perspective on the travel industry.  We work with designers, photographers, and most importantly, you, to explore easy and cost-effective ways to improve your property.  The goal is to understand your personal business objectives and offer suggestions based on the results you are hoping to see. 


Whether you would like to improve the look and feel of your hotel, develop a respectable online presence, or learn innovative ways to advertise and market your space, we have a plethora of tricks up our sleeves and are excited to share what we know.

Professional Photography

Through the wonders of digital photography and photo editing, we are experts at making even the most hopeless properties look beautiful. 

Choose between professional photographers or learn valuable tips in order to become your own photo expert as your property changes throughout the years.  Show off your residence in the best light possible to gain the "Ooo" and "Ahh" reactions that will make guests choose your rooms over the hundreds of other choices available to them.

Design Ideas

If you have decided to employ the help of a professional consultant, you probably already know that it is time to make some changes.  With thousands of hotels competing around the world, the most important thing to understand is that it is easy for guests to become lost among the options.  It is essential to stand out if you want to attract guests to your rooms.

Across the United States are countless hotels, motels, and rooms that look exactly the same.  Somehow, they have all purchased the same bedding, window dressings, and white wall-paint that were popular three decades ago.  You would be surprised how far a new coat of paint will take you! 


Competition is fierce and you don’t want look like a cookie-cutter copy-cat.  Not only do we have valuable insight into what consumers want to see in a rental space, but we’ll even help you slather on that new coat of paint!

Website Creation

Want to start your own website or refresh the one you already have?  We will help you create accounts with the most popular websites that have become standard across the travel industry.  If requested, we will also assist with updating your current website or refer you to web developers who will set you up with a professional web-page from scratch.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, we will point you in the direction of new up-and-coming websites to advertise your space.  With so many new ways to showcase your property online, there is no reason to miss out on valuable marketing opportunities that will remind your guests just how much they want to visit!



Throughout my years working with clients, property owners, and advertisers from around the world, I have learned that the most prosperous businesses succeed because they are willing to make revisions outside their comfort zone. 


With technology evolving at lightning speeds, there is no way to survive in the business world unless you are prepared to change and adapt with the times. 

Even the most subtle adjustments can make a dramatic difference.  Over time, you learn that it doesn't hurt to tear down a few walls - both figuratively and literally.  


Just remember:  You love what you do and you want to keep doing it!  Don't let changing trends drag you into early retirement.  Traveling guests are looking for a place to escape just like yours, almost as much as you are looking for guests just like them! 

I'm here to help you find each other. 

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